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this blog is for my senseless thoughts that i wanted to free from my head.

i like rebloging and posting my stuff randomly so bare with me :)


The Longing

I miss having someone to talk about all our hopes and dreams. I remember having bestfriends from elementary to high school and even college. But when I started working it seems like I lost all connection with everyone. Sure I still get to see most of my buddies but I feel mostly detached. I do not know what happened to me but as I get older I seemed to shy away too.

One friend told me that maybe “you’re afraid of another drama”. Yeah, maybe. And anyways, who likes drama?

But to be honest I miss having dates with a friend being oblivious of time. When will it happen again? When will this longing stop?

And why am I such a drama queen on a cold monday evening?!

let’s #Retrace the steps shall we? #Anberlin i can still remember all the feels with this song. and now retracing because tomorrow is their last show and I won’t be seeing them. grabe!

let’s #Retrace the steps shall we? #Anberlin i can still remember all the feels with this song. and now retracing because tomorrow is their last show and I won’t be seeing them. grabe!

Goodbye... Hopefully not Forever

And I can’t believe I won’t be seeing you live. I got to love this band while I was in high school anc early part of my college and I can’t believe that I won’t be able to see them live. Oh dear, why o why do i have to be somewhere else this time? huhu.

To some this might be very “mababaw” but to me it is not. Anberlin ♡

a very good reminder on a Sunday morning. A time for every thing. ♡

a very good reminder on a Sunday morning. A time for every thing. ♡

Fun and Laughters at the Library

A Tale from the Library

I started my day as usual, reading the Word. But I took the extra mile because I really wanted to destress. With Him I’m at peace. Thank God I did what I did because I definitely had a good day.

The two students whom I’m coaching informally gave me reasons to smile and even laugh. But what I appreciate more is not the laughter but the trust and recognition.

Trust. Student A told me her family’s story out of nowhere. She told me that her Mom is in Bahrain and her Dad is “nasa kabilang bakod”. Imagine a child telling you that she only sees her father during her birthdays, that he no longer came back at their house, that she still remembers that one time her parents fought for her and can still remember how it felt. For me it is very, very unfair. I hope and pray that this new norm will be gone soon. It is not nice to give children such vivid memories that are not worthy to be remembered. They deserve a family. Everyone, may we all guard our hearts and choose WISELY when on a dillema especially with relationships to the opposite sex. Always remember, ANO MAN ANG DESISYON MO NGAYON, APEKTADO ANG MAGIGING ANAK MO. Yes, I’m quite angry because student A is a very smart, witty and beautiful girl.

Laughters. Student B is quite the maldita one but equally as smart, witty and beautiful as student A. Imagine she keeps on bickering with a 9th grader while she’s just in 2nd grade. She really reminded me that it’s so fun being a kid.

At the end of the day/week I love how I can say, I love my week at the library.

The End of Patience

A Tale from the Library

I’ve been having a hard time prolonging my patience for a few days now. For the whole week I have to accommodate the participants for the academic division of MACIPRISA (private school’s assoc for my school’s location). I was NEVER told that these so-called best of the best will be the first ones who doesn’t know what respect means.

I’m actually asking myself, when is the border line of tolerance and disrespect? This is what I think highly appropriate for them: Tolerance is for the noise created due to the discussions about their certain subject with their coach, alternate and/or co-participants, Disrespect is when you’re told to keep it low and still go on with the “boom” voice you use for classroom discussions for a very NONSENSE DISCUSSIONS aka “chismis”. I wish they knew that they also disrespect me in a way that they WON’T ACTUALLY SHUT UP UNTIL YOU MENTION THEIR COACH NAME TO THEM. What kind of children are we trying to raise today?! This is very heartbreaking, knowing that our future generation doesn’t know how to respect authority.

And this is what I also doesn’t like as a librarian. Because to them we’re “JUST” librarians. We don’t give them grades. They won’t be affected with all your threats because they see it as bogus.

Hay, if only teachers will teach them how VITAL we are to the school community I won’t be having this rant.

"Ate talaga?!"

Another tale from the library

Five months have gone but the students still call me “ate” (older sister). Nakakaloka din naman na kahit ilang beses mo na sila paalalahanan kung anong tawag saken eh hindi nila maalala. Oo na, bata na ko kung bata pero nakakabastos din pakinggan bilang deserve mo naman ang tag na “Miss” or “Ma’am”. Ang labo din ng kids eh, nakauniform ka na nga at lahat talagang ate.

What I do not like with that as well is when other teachers hear the students call me Ate, they won’t even correct them. But there are also those who correct them with love.

Why I’m writing about this is because calling me “Ate” makes me feel like my profession is being looked down. We deserve being called “Miss” or “Ma’am” just like your teachers. We are EQUAL to them. :)

Wrote a very “puso” post about my profession (with too many errors), now I’m ready for the battle once again. Hopefully I won’t have to turn off the aircon because there’s too much noise.

someone who doesn’t have a workfriend

A Tale from the Library

One time I thought of creating a blog where I’ll write my experiences at work. Pero wala, tamad ako and I don’t have the time to create one. But as I continue to work at my new job it gives me more reasons to put up one. And this will suffice for now.

It’s been a long time since I had a work friend. Yes, I do nog have one with the same troubles as me dahil ako lang ang nag-iisang Librarian sa workplace ko. I miss having people whom I can talk to whenever I’m having trouble with anything related to my profession. Yung tipong paano gagawin sa mga ganto, ganyan at tuturuan kang gawin hindi lang yung itinanong mo ngunit higit pa doon. I miss having grown up professionals on my side to guide me in the all the best and possible way to accomplish things. Isa sa mga ikinaiirita ko kasi eh when someone who’ll come to me will say “Ma’am, busy ka ngayon ah.” Yes, I’m definitely busy, ALWAYS! Try mo dito for a day, tingnan natin kung mag-iisip ka pa na madali lang sa library. The misconception talafa na we just sit all day and do nothing eh nakakairita. We’re more than “bookkeepers” we’re ” LIBRARIANS”. Hindi po kami tiga bantay lang ng libro, tiga hanap, explain, at kung anu-ano pa kami sa libro at kahit ano pang anyo na pinanggagalingan ng impormasyon. I spent my four years studying for this profession tapos i-loo-look down mo lang. TAE DUDE! NOT FUNNY.

Pero hindi lang pagkairita ang nararamdaman ko sa loob ng library. Fulfillment ang isa sa mga gusto kong nararamdaman sa aking propesyon. Everytime a student thanks me for a very simple thing (i.e tying their shoes, answering their queries, etc.) i did for them it makes my heart swell. Pati yung simpleng bagay na I let them use the library some will hug me pa. Kung hindi naman talaga magswell ang heart mo nun ewan na lang.

There are many things I can write about, the good and the bad. But the thing I want to write most about are the tales of one’s change because he/she went to the library. I might just write it here since it is part of my life.

I must admit that sometimes I wanted to change profession but I have a feeling that it won’t be as fulfilling as this one because I believe that this is God’s plan for me.

So if you read this can you please, please be one of those people who doesn’t call us “bookkeepers” because we are not just “tagabantay” ng books, WE ARE LIBRARIANS.

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